Indra Lesmana Keytar Trio

at The Papandayan, Jl. Gatot Subroto 38 Bandung.
February 10, 2017

Back to his earliest year Indra Lesmana has started his musical career at very young age when his magical musical talent and original improvisation strongly indicated throughout his performance discovered by his late father, Jack Lesmana who's Indonesian jazz multi instrumentalist legend. 

Leonard Feather, a British Jazz journalist wrote on his Downbeat article once and described Indra Lesmana as a true Indonesian jazz prodigy. . 

Grew up in Sydney, Australia, Indra studied at the New South Wales State Conservatorium of Music and got many experiences with some local musicians. 

He went off to Los Angeles in 1985 to sign with Zebra record/MCA record to release his two debut albums in US called " No Standing " and " For Earth and Heaven ". His singles " No Standing " ( from album No Standing ) and " Stephanie " ( from For Earth and Heaven ) were successfully became the hits and top list of Billboard Charts for Jazz in US and number one in radio charts.

The strong character and idealism of Indra Lesmana brought him through many success in music industries, but he enjoy to live in the artistic philosophy of life.

Beyond his musical career and dedication, Indra has been also known as the jazz icon and the Indonesian Idol's head of judges ( Indonesian Idol is an affiliate program of famous UK's / US' American Idol TV program ).

Up until today, Indra Lesmana has produced more than 50 albums and wrote hundred of single hits since he released his first record at age 12.

Throughout his exploration in music, he challenges the limitations, genres and boundaries to expand his discoveries of creativity. He dedicates his life in music through his independent community activities to motivates Indonesian young musicians.

His virtuoso performances, spirits and movements lead him to be the Indonesian modern-jazz icon.

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