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Jeff Lorber with Dwiki Dharmawan, Barry Likumahuwa, Ricad Hutapea, Echa Soemantri.

It was truly one night to remember at TP Jazz Weekend last week. The event that has been long anticipated by all jazz enthusiast. It was a full house at Mirten Lounge and all the excitements from guests craving for one of a kind performance that can fill the joy of jazz music.

The show started at 8PM when Jeff Lorber, Dwiki Dharmawan, Barry Likumahuwa, Ricad Hutapea, and Echa Soemantri entered the stage. When the spotlight started to hit them, Mirten Lounge filled with energy and applause from the guests cheering for the stars. The show began with a humble warm greeting from Mr.Lorber himself in Sundanese “Sampurasun” and warm-heartedly the guest replied “Rampes” with a smile in their faces.

The show itself truly was all-senses-pleasing. The mixed between the classics from the 80’s meets the currents, from the west to the east vibes, and also the skill to play the instrument from each and every one of the perfomers blew the crowd with aweness. What amazing was that almost all guests know about the playlist that all performers played on that night. It shows that there are no boundaries when it comes to music, regardless the age, time, or even technology.

This was not the first time that Jeff Lorber came to Indonesia. Mr. Lorber performed on Jakjazz 2012 and several major Jazz event in Indonesia. The good relationship between Mr. Lorber with Dwiki Dharmawan, Barry Likumahuwa and with all Jazz musician in Indonesia bounded very well. As a result it created a good bridge for jazz music community between USA and Indonesia.

Iwan Nugraha, one of the guests said “the event is so special because it is rarely that all jazz star can gather together at one stage and it really is an ear-gasm”. On Interview with The Papandayan, Barry Likumahuwa quoted “TP jazz is one of the show that can maintain and gather jazz community, and this particular kind of event needed to be taken care of and well-polished to keep the interest of the jazz community itself and i’m so delighted to be able performed in here”.

TP Jazz Weekend was very fortunate to have Jeff Lorber, Dwiki Dharmawan, Barry Likumahuwa, Ricad Hutapea, and Echa Soemantri performed at its stage. As the address of Jazz in Bandung, TP Jazz Weekend always opens to all amazing jazz performer each week and maintain all the jazz community enthusiasts.

Thank you Jeff Lorber, Dwiki Dharmawan, Barry Likumahuwa, Ricad Hutapea, and Echa Soemantri, it was an honour to be able to see and listen to your great collaborations!!!

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